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Considering a software change for your nonprofit?

Changing software is a part of life in most organizations now… but making the change is not as simple as exporting a spreadsheet of contacts (the old days!).

Because this activity is common for our clients, we decided to compile some points into this tool as a summary. So, what are some of the best questions to take into account when wanting to change from one software to another and needing to compare functionality?

When comparing the functionality of different software platforms, consider the following questions:

  • Does the software meet your organization's current and anticipated future needs (allowing for growth)?

  • What are the key features of the software, and does it have all the functionalities you need for your (donor database and fundraising, for example) efforts?

  • How user-friendly is the software, and what kind of support and training is available to help you and your team get up and running quickly?

  • How secure is the software and what kind of data protection measures are in place to protect your donor information?

  • What are the costs associated with using the software, including any hidden fees, setup costs, and ongoing maintenance and support expenses?

  • What is the software's track record, and have other organizations had success using it? Are there any negative reviews or concerns you should be aware of?

  • How easily can you export or import data from your current software to the new one?

  • Is the software customizable, and can it integrate with other tools or systems that you already use?

  • Does the software have a mobile app or mobile-responsive interface, and how important is this feature for your organization?

By considering these questions (and perhaps some others specific to your organization), you can ensure that you are selecting a software platform that will meet your needs and help you efficiently manage your donor database and fundraising efforts.

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