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Our Skilled Accountants Crunch Your Nonprofit’s Numbers
& Organize Your Financials
So You Can Focus On Your Mission*

(*or do literally anything else!)

On a mission to liberate nonprofit leaders from the burden of numbers since 2007.

We get it. Managing numbers is tough when it's not your day to day focus. We turn fatigue into confidence, dread into solutions.


Rooted in purpose, our mission originated from recognizing the need for skilled, approachable, and reliable financial support for nonprofits and social profit enterprises. We prioritize efficient bookkeeping and financial reporting to optimize resources for your mission, not overhead.


We don't just offer solutions; we build partnerships. Our experienced team becomes an extension of your mission, guiding you through complex financial landscapes with empathy and expertise.


With a legacy of trust, we simplify the intricate world of numbers, translating them into actionable insights. Focus on what you do best (making a difference in the community), while we crunch the numbers.


As a virtual, cloud-based bookkeeping firm, we specialize in financial record keeping and analysis for 501c3 nonprofits and social enterprises with annual budgets over $250,000. You can simplify your financial tasks with our convenient monthly subscription plans.


Our team of nonprofit accounting specialists decipher your financial data, empowering you to make strategic decisions aligned with your predetermined goals and outcomes and become a trusted member of your team while we do it!

Soup Kitchen

Your Mission, Our Support: Exclusively for Nonprofits

Empowering Your Mission Through Expert Bookkeeping

Whether you're a startup or have served the community for decades, we're dedicated to nonprofits like you.

You: Focus on Impact 🎯

Us: Bookkeeping Magic ✨

We specialize in financial records, so you can specialize in changing lives.

Efficiency Unleashed, Resources Maximized

Our subscriptions streamline operations, ensuring more resources reach those you serve


We (gladly!) de-geek our speech

Our team of number crunchers take work seriously, but ourselves not so much.

With advanced education and decades  (!) of combined nonprofit experience, we have the proven ability to adapt to your organization's requirements. 


Since there's more to the story than cutting checks, our team based approach utilizes different skill sets and offers experience with advanced needs such as evaluating capital projects, cash flow statements, etc.


Clients will still always have just 1 dedicated person to connect with for any / all tasks and strategy, but you will also have access to other specific skill sets and experience when needed.


...and because we believe the financials of an organization are for taking action, we will always give you information and not just data

Our skills and experience allow us to provide an exceptional service… but it is our passion for delighting clients - and to have fun while we do it - that motivates how we do what we do. 


We become a seasoned partner providing the experience and standards you will benefit from, but for a fraction of what it takes to engage a FT expert.

Other ways to connect -

Click the above link to choose an ideal-for-you day/time to have a brief video call chat to review the services we offer and determine if we might be a best fit solution option.

We can share more about how we help nonprofits win with their finances.

--> Most importantly, we won't make it weird! We won't ask you to sign up for or buy anything (!) and we will answer any questions you have... really! 

GIVE US A CALL AT 615.807.0612

We are glad to say hello and schedule a time to discuss your needs or answer any specific questions you have.

Send us a voice message (voicemail) right from your browser and bypass the phone call.

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You can expect to receive our meticulously curated compilation of top-notch nonprofit tools and resources 3 or 4 times a year.

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Questions? Send us a note — we'll get back to you shortly (Usually within 24 business hours... really!)

Thank you - we'll be in touch soon.

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