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Our work grew out of a need identified for nonprofits and social profit enterprises to have access to skilled, reliable bookkeeping and financial reporting while limiting costs so dollars go to mission related expenses versus overhead.

We are a non-tax, mostly offsite, cloud-based bookkeeping firm specializing in business and finance solutions for nonprofits and churches. We offer monthly subscription plans as a solution for organizations managing weekly, monthly and annual bookkeeping tasks. 

As nonprofit bookkeeping specialists we "translate" sometimes challenging or confusing financial data, such as profit and loss statements and balance sheets, into information that can actually be used to up-level an organization's strategy and initiatives... and we do all that while enjoying every minute of serving organizations that do good.



Saving You Money

Our mission is to provide support for your mission. Nonprofits are unique and that's why we made the decision from the beginning to support you exclusively. From start-ups to organizations that have been serving the community for over 50 years, we work with and for nonprofits and churches. 

We care about the work you do in making a difference in the lives of others. Our packages are designed to enable nonprofits to operate more efficiently and direct more of your resources to helping those receiving benefit from your organization. As a client shared years ago: Money saved is money raised!

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We utilize a team approach that ensures we stay right on top of your finances and provide answers for questions and requests from the many people looking to you for direction.

Imagine New is owned and operated by a pair of native Nashvillians (yes, these unicorns really do still exist!) and staffed by a team of excellent number crunchers who are in the business of being awesome.

With a combination of advanced degrees and over 35 years of nonprofit experience, we have functioned in a variety of settings, spanning nationwide companies and multiple industries, making it easy to adapt to new situations and your own organizational requirements.

Operations team members have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree rather than only a bookkeeper certification for a specific task. We have learned it is best for our clients that our team have a certain level of education and experience.

Since there's more to the story than cutting checks, we do use a team based approach that utilizes different skill sets and provides real assistance with advanced needs such as evaluating capital projects, cash flow statements, etc. Even with that, clients will still always have just one dedicated person to connect with for any / all tasks and strategy, but you will also have access to the specific skill set you need when you need it. And because we believe the financials of an organization are for taking action, we will always give you information and not just data

Our skills and experience allow us to provide an exceptional service… but it is our passion for delighting clients - and to have fun while we do it - that motivates how we do what we do. We become a seasoned partner providing the experience and standards you will benefit from, but for a fraction of what it takes to employ a FT expert.




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