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We're good with numbers

We are not the typical bookkeeper with a skill set limited to keying payments or recording revenue. Since 2007, we have provided bookkeeping and finance services to organizations in every sector. Whether an Executive Director is looking for CFO level information or a CFO or Financial Manager wants someone to perform the initial level of analysis and review, we can help. 

We manage the record keeping side of your organization so the bookkeeping just works. Seamlessly. 

Information is current.

Ratios and numbers impacting how you do what you do are explained and finally begin to make sense.

Financial reporting is accurate and will tell you specific information and become extremely useful in decision making and planning. 


  • Set-up 

Including review / revision of chart of accounts & analysis of financial process

  • Revenue 

 Record bank & credit card transactions including donations, manage accounts receivable including preparing billings and tracking pledges

  • Expenses 

Record & process invoices, maintain 1099 vendors, record payroll allocations

  • Account reconciliation 

Reconcile bank & card transactions, allocations, close monthly books, maintenance of general ledger including month-end and year-end journal entries

  • Financial reporting

Balance sheet statements, income & cash flow statements, standardized financial statements

  • Audit prep & Support 

Finalize fiscal year transactions, provide records & reports, update financials post audit based on recommendations received

Financial Analysis:

  • Analysis of cash spend & burn rate
  • Tracking grants & temporarily restricted funds 
  • Complex financial reporting and statements 
  • Budget preparation assistance
  • Project & analyze cash flow


We have several packages available depending on things like the level of monthly transactions and the complexity of the data and financial reporting needs. 

Also, because it's all we do, unlike a staff or Board member who gets pulled in various directions for special events help or to cover for an employee's vacation, etc., we have incredible efficiencies with our procedures. With our focus on technology as well as our structured, efficient processes, we are typically able to minimize the number of hours needed for your finances and get the work done in less hours. Our motivation is to be excellent AND efficient.