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Email or call us @ 615.807.0612.


Our mission is to provide support for your mission.

From start-ups to organizations that have been serving the community for over 50 years, we work with and for nonprofits and churches. It’s exciting to work alongside people who are making a difference in the lives of others.

The hiring decision is one often based on risk and fear:

  • Fear we won't get your needs. 
  • Fear we won't communicate well together. 
  • Fear we won't be available when you need us. 
  • Fear we will cost too much and you won't get the results you wanted. 

We care about the work you do. Nonprofits have our full attention. We will help you achieve your mission - our clients and reference gladly confirm this.

Our range of back office services is designed to enable nonprofits to operate more efficiently and direct more of their resources to helping those receiving benefit from their organization to achieve their full potential. 

We celebrate every time we are granted the opportunity to partner with organizations that have a desire to help the community. Our excellent bookkeeping work helps nonprofits achieve their social mission at a higher level. 

We aim to provide accurate and well organized books so our clients can have accuracy in financial statements for greater management over planning and building, controls and policies to ensure risk is minimized and information in place for reliable Board reporting.

We set up the reporting structure so the info needed can be seen at a glance vs having to figure it out... this also helps answer questions from Board members, auditors and grant monitors.