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Time Management With Tomatoes (ok not exactly)

The internet, email newsletters and friends are all full of ideas and suggestions for how to get more done, how to save time, and how to do work better, so there's not much to be shared that hasn't been shared before.
And while around here we are fans of efficiency and productivity (hello numbers and books and spreadsheets oh my!), we are (ok I am) an even bigger fan of living life well and doing work we care about and desire to put our best effort into. 
Which is why we wanted to share this little technique with you that some of you may have heard of… The Pomodoro Technique. It’s been around since the 1980’s and the link below will explain in video much better than I could, so I will just share that for some people it is an effective technique to stay focused and get things done (and couldn’t we all use more of that).
This time management tool serves to provide motivation for many different personality types and serves to limit distractions while also allowing for goal motivated individuals to have mini rewards for staying on track (5 minute break between tasks where we can do whatever we want!). The next time you have a grant deadline, program management due date or other deliverable, consider trying this technique. 
And if you do - let us know if you liked it! 
PS. That timer on your iPhone or smart phone will work just as well as those cute little tomato kitchen timers. 😃  



Current IRS Proposed Regulation To Impact Nonprofits Processes & Bottom Line - Act by 12/16/15! 

Imagine New works to stay aware and informed of industry related information and tend to communicate it on an individual basis as applicable... but this information we did decide to share on a larger scale after hearing about this proposed IRS regulation change for nonprofits this weekend. 
This proposed "suggestion" could potentially impact reporting, technology and other process requirements for small and large nonprofits alike... and ultimately, the financial bottom line you all work so diligently and carefully to monitor.  
You can check out a summary below followed by the article we've linked to and share your voice and thoughts if desired, by 12/16/15 (Wednesday!). 
"Currently, the IRS requires nonprofits to substantiate gifts of $250 or more by providing written documentation to donors stating the amount of the gift. Although this additional proposed process would technically be voluntary, the prospect of giving up SSNs or TINs would discourage many donors from giving gifts of more than $250 - or giving at all.
The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has proposed new regulations that would compel nonprofits to collect Social Security numbers (SSN) or taxpayer identification numbers (TIN) from donors to substantiate gifts above $250."
To get involved and share your voice, please find links and a more detailed explanation here and here.

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