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Thoughts On Outsourced Fundraising (Among Other Things)

Around our spaces here at Imagine New we are understandably advocates of outsourcing tasks (like bookkeeping!) that allow a person and organization to focus more on their skill set specialties instead of things they may not like or be the best at completing. As with most value propositions, a main key in these outsourced relationships is finding the right partner.

Similar to keeping track of the dollars going in and coming out of an organization, fundraising is another necessary step in successful nonprofit management. How does your organization feel about outsourcing that piece of the puzzle? We have found our clients usually stand firmly one side of the opinion line with this topic… avid advocates or staunchly against the concept.

We’ve seen outsourced fundraising partnerships create highly successful results for some of our nonprofit clients, but also are able to witness clients who bring a passion and productivity to the task by internal team members.

We found a great article by a North Carolina fundraising consulting firm (they work with organizations nationwide) that shares a little more thought and some ideas on why outsourcing (fundraising) may be a beneficial piece of the strategy puzzle for nonprofits of all sizes. Check out the article here.



Insurance Specialists Focused On Nonprofits

Specializing is sort of our thing, so it makes sense we would be advocates of industries and organizations focusing extra attention and love on nonprofits… this month’s blog link explains why it makes the most sense to purchase insurance coverage through a specialized nonprofit insurance agency/agent. Click here to find out what bases are covered.