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Spotlight: Nonprofit Treasurers

The Treasurer role in a nonprofit organization is one requiring a specialized aptitude, if not skill set. It is an important appointment that impacts many pieces of the organization as money touches all edges of a nonprofit.

Over the years we have worked with many Treasurers, some of which had passion and skill for the organization that blew us away and some of which we were especially grateful to be a part of the organization’s financial picture because it didn’t appear the Treasurer had a desire or ability for the oversight that was his/her responsibility in the position. We enjoy being a resource to and for smaller organizations with Treasurers that have a direct almost weekly role in the finances and also organizations on the other end of the scale, where Treasurers only need to review and discuss the financial reporting package we provide on a monthly and quarterly basis (and of course also those that fall somewhere in the between the two!).

While this article from Blue Avocado specifically addresses eight Treasurer responsibilities for an all volunteer organization, we thought the detailed list of expectations was a good starting place for any nonprofit Treasurer position evaluation. Take a look and see if you agree or can think of other ways your Treasurer is especially helpful in governing your nonprofit.

What are you most grateful for in your nonprofit’s current Treasurer? 


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