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Get Motivated To Be More Effective

We are heading into the final stretch of the first quarter of 2016. Some people have probably already (re!)started their Christmas countdowns by now! (The writer of this blog has definitely started her spring countdown!)

Where are you with your goals and plans for the year? Personally? Professionally? Many of our calendar fiscal year clients are well into the second month of their operating budgets and finding out how the data is stacking up to the activities happening in the day to day of a nonprofit in Middle Tennessee. 

With all of the options and ideas from internal and external nonprofit partners (employees, Board members, volunteers, community members, etc.), it’s impossible to move forward with focus and excellence without some tools and techniques for being our best selves and doing our best work… which is where this list comes in. 

It is filled with 10 items to help our motivation level (every day in and every day out). I am going to highlight a few below we use around Imagine New that help provide the most effectiveness and ROI (return on investment) for our time and energy and then finish by sharing a link to the complete article if you’re interested in a little mid-month, first of the month, or end of the month, motivation. 😃 

*Keep your cards close to your chest.  This. Works. While sharing ideas and goals can sometimes be wise and even necessary at times, when it comes to big endeavors or plans, it can also be wise to share after we’ve moved the initiative from the “to do” column to the “done” column. Consider keeping your hard work private until you have some results to share.

*Be gentle with yourself. Please. You are wonderful today, aside from any accomplishments or titles. Your organization, I would venture to say, is adding value to the lives of people in the community it’s designed to help today, aside from any new grant submissions or capital campaigns. Acknowledge you won’t ever be better than everyone or as big as all other nonprofits (when did that start being the goal anyway?), but you are pretty AWESOME as you are. 

*Embrace vulnerability. It's not just for Brene’ Brown anymore! Lean in when it feels uncomfortable… with co-workers, friends and relationships… the discomfort zone is where positive and real change can come about… and if we’re not growing, we’re dying. 

*Focus. All the cool kids are doing it! 😃 Even if they weren’t, it’s the only way to go. Multi-tasking is a mirage. Is it possible? Yes. Does it allow us to give the best of ourselves to our friends and family and organizations? Nope. Anything worth (or required) doing is worth our full attention. 

Click here for the complete article - and let us know if any work for you!