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Treat Yo' Self (Without Food or Shopping!)

We are taking a break from the usual accounting terminology this month to remind you (and ourselves) that working hard is important, but just as important is taking care of ourselves physically and mentally. 

As we head into the holiday season and all the shopping and (increased) food consumption it provides so many opportunities for, we thought it would be fun to share a list of treats that don’t require heading to the mall or a restaurant! (Some of these can also double as budget friendly gift sharing ideas!) 

Check out the fun list (#4!) here



Social Media & Nonprofits

Most of us have heard the stories of social media successes with local and nationwide nonprofits… a capital campaign being funded after a successful Twitter campaign with all the right pieces falling into place; a youth program, through the “magic” of Facebook, connecting to just the right donor who ended up completely funding the program indefinitely. These stories are not as far fetched as once believed and do occur.

People care. People are willing to donate their time, money and other resources to causes and initiatives they believe in. The issue is most often how to connect with them and how to share a heart story that conveys the message of hope and helping so many nonprofit causes provide to the community.

Social media for some time now has been blazing a trail on how to do just that. Whether a devoted employee, team or some hybrid group of employees and volunteers who oversee the social aspect of a nonprofit’s story, social media does connect nonprofits of all sizes to their “people” - those who will invest resources in their initiatives and share their message with their own friends, followers and fans.

This month’s article shares 8 specific tips for utilizing social media as a powerful engagement tool. Check it out here to see how your organization can make the most of your social media strategy - or create one just in time for 2017 planning!