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Imagine New, LLC is owned and operated by a pair of native Nashvillians (yes, they really do still exist!) and staffed by a team of wonderful number crunchers who are IN THE BUSINESS OF BEING AWESOME.

With a combination of advanced degrees and over 25 years of nonprofit experience, we have functioned in a variety of settings, spanning nationwide companies and multiple industries, making it easy to adapt to new situations and your various organizational requirements.

Operations staff have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree rather than only a bookkeeper certification for a specific task. We have learned it is best for our clients that our staff have a certain level of education and experience – and we don’t waver from that requirement. 

Since there's more to the story than cutting checks, we use a team based approach that utilizes different skill sets and provides tangible assistance with advanced needs such as evaluating capital projects, cash flow statements, etc. You have access to the specific skill set you need when you need it (and only when you need it). 

Our skills and experience allow us to provide an awesome service… but it is our passion for improving your bottom line that motivates how we do what we do. Incorrect financial practices and policies can be expensive! We become a seasoned partner providing the experience and standards you will benefit from, but for a fraction of what it takes to employ a FT expert. 

We believe this so much we back it up with our money. Every year, in addition to our employees, we give a portion of our profits back to each of our nonprofit clients. It's profit sharing with the organizations we believe in the most and that help us to be successful. We couldn't think of a better way to show our support than that.