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Make the switch to pain free accounting

We grew out of a need identified for nonprofits and organizations to have access to skilled, reliable bookkeeping and financial reporting.

Much of our focus is on helping with accurate record keeping while "translating" sometimes challenging or confusing financial data, such as profit and loss statements and balance sheets, into information that can actually be used to level up an organization's strategy and initiatives. 

-How much do you know about your accounting?

Organizations benefit from the level of experience and skill set we provide (remote and on-site) as the part-time full service finance back office or as an extension/support to the Finance Director/Treasurer. 

-Numbers don't lie:

We manage the day to day bookkeeping and reporting of budgets ranging from $150k up to $6M a year and adjust our role based on what is needed for each client.

-Number crunching with personality!

Since 2007, we have continued to learn and grow as we provide accurate numbers, helpful financial reporting and AWESOME client service. Our desire is creating and maintaining strong relationships to be a trusted resource as organizations grow and build. 

We are not the best fit for every organization - and that's ok with us. Our desire is to connect with those organizations we can be the right fit for - which might be your organization. 

-Please give us a call or email to discuss your organization. 615.807.0612